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The founders of Green Treets are pioneers in the Cannabis industry. This family owned company was amongst the first officially licensed to distribute in the United States starting in Colorado in 2009. The founders started with one dispensary, then built a large commercial grow operation, a production facility for concentrates and then before they knew it they were operating over 20 licenses throughout Colorado. As a family of animal lovers in addition to providing THC based products for people they also specialize in pet products for general wellness, physical relief and calm. 

Industry Pioneers

They have learned, evolved, and expanded over the years, winning many awards including the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup for the highest ever testing cannabis strain, the NORML and High Times Magazine Trailblazer Award for superior genetics, and have been voted Best Dispensary in Boulder and Berthoud Colorado, and have grown and bred hundreds of distinct strains of Cannabis.

The Green Treets brand is the next generation of products forged from the deep experience of the founding family and brings more types of products than virtually any other brand on the planet including products for your furry family members.

The Green Treets brand ™ was conceived to deliver a consistently effective experience. We want you to TREET YOURSELF to our strain specific products and unique synergies of Cannabinoids, Terpenoids and Flavonoids which are expertly crafted with natural ingredients.

Each strain of the wondrous cannabis plant has characteristics different and distinct from other strains. Each strain of the plant has its own synergy, which is the way the Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Cannaflavins combine. Green Treets has expertly crafted these synergies to create “experiences” such as Energize, Relax, Sleep, Relieve, Focus, Pleasure and also offers a CBD line which has little or no THC to offer benefits without psychoactive effects.

Why Choose Green Treets?

These days when one walks into a Dispensary, whether Medical or Recreational, they are immediately confronted with a dizzying blur of products which offer little explanation and are very unclear. Green Treets products are designed to offer specific “experiences” which are stated right on the box and are easy to understand. The boxes also include easy to understand symbols such as the Sun for Energize or the Moon for Sleep to help take the mystery out of finding the effective experience you desire.

For example; the “Relax” line of products are designed to have an effect where you “Unwind, Reset, Chill”. Other experiences include “Energize”, “Sleep”, “Relieve”, “Focus“, and “Pleasure”. Each experience is offered for consumption in a variety of forms so that everyone can enjoy the experience their favorite way.

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“The packaging is so pretty and it was so easy to understand that it made my user experience so much better than any other brand I’ve tried.”

Jessica K.

"I was very impressed! I have tried other house concentrates from different places and yours was AMAZING!"

Jonathan R.

"The flavor profile was perfect, you guys killed it! Can't wait to try them all!"

Alysia L.

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