Increases focus. Known to aid things such as anxiety, depression, and pain relief.

Free MAC

Known to increase energy.

Starfire Chem

Positive and uplifting effects.

Blueberry Banana Sherbet

A pleasurable strain, enhancing enjoyment and leaving the user feeling delightful.

Jazz Cabbage

Loud and proud! Jazz Cabbage bring high spirits and big energy.

Hindu Tahoe

A relaxing strain for body and mind. Also known to increase appetite.

Corn Bread

A relaxing and sleep inducing strain. Also an aid for pain relief and insomnia.


Berry deliciously sweet with a scent that won’t stop! Green and purple buds with bright orange hairs – gorgeous!

Sacred Slaze

A hybrid strain that is known to help the user stay concentrated.

Orange Cookie Chem

A funky citrus strain with bursts of energy!

Available at Green Tree Medicinals dispensaries.

Treets Flower is a subsidiary brand of Green Tree Medicinals (GTM) and partner to Green Treets. The founders of GTM have been cultivating and dispensing cannabis to medical patients and recreational customers in Colorado since 2009. Their significant experience in cultivating and dispensing cannabis showed them that there was a lack of high quality, consistent cannabis flower available to consumers. In response, the founders created Treets, which produces premium cannabis strains that are cultivated in a state-of-the-art facility with total focus on quality and consistency. These strains are hand watered, fed the highest quality ingredients, hand trimmed, and hang dried. They are selected for their strong and unique characteristics and are the best all over quality of cannabis flower available.