Don’t just take our word for it. Our satisfied customers and happy staff praise Green Treet’s quality and flavor, not to mention the amazing effects on daily wellness.

Customer Reviews

"Terpene rich! Best of the best!"

Spencer K.

"Very smooth and tasty and I love the packaging!"

Christina S.

"Very smooth and tasty and I love the packaging!"

Christina S.

"The flavor profile was perfect, you guys killed it! Can't wait to try them all!"

Alysia L.

"I was very impressed! I have tried other house concentrates from different places and yours was AMAZING!"

Jeffery W.

"Headed home to try this now, honored to be the first one to try and can't wait."

Jeffery W.

“At first view I love the colors on the box the concentrates come in, they are bright and catch the eye. The concentrates themselves are always amazing! The smell, the color, the taste! They always do what the box says (relax, sleep, etc.) my favorite so far has to be the Addictive Afghani, oh my lord it was delicious! I look forward to dabbing them all.”

Blaine S.

Staff Reviews

"Dude our stuff is amazing! I LOVE the flavor!"

Cody B.

"I've tried each kind and can't choose a favorite!"

Emily P.

"The Boston Bling diamonds are delicious!"

Zack K.