“The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.”

Wait… Don’t all marijuana strains make people sleepy? NOT TRUE! In fact, There are some strains that are uplifting and have the exact opposite effect. To many users though, one of the great appeals of marijuana products is to help them relax and wind down. That’s why we’ve carefully crafted a SLEEP formula to do just that! A natural sleep aid great for insomnia and even pain relief. Our Sleep line is sedating and relaxing. Perfect at the end of a busy evening or long work day when some good sleep is all you need.

What’s in it? How can we know which strains and terpenes effect sleep?

We have found the perfect balance of Terpenes, THC, CBD, CBN, and other Cannabinoids to create a consistent, relaxing experience throughout all of our Sleep products. From concentrates, to chocolates, to flower, no matter how someone wants to consume, Green Treets has it covered. Terpenes are incredibly important to our process as they have aromatic compounds that add flavor and effect. These compounds can be added to various products to create synergy according to people’s personal preferences, our main focus here at Green Treets!

Meet the Terpenes in our Sleep products!


Floral, Citrus and Spice

Sedating and calming effects. Medicinal use for insomnia, stress, anxiety and even pain relief.


Herbal, Musky and Clove

Sedating, relaxing, and enhanced THC psycho-activity effects. Medicinal use as anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. Analgesic effects with the potential to minimize inflammation.


Floral, Pine, Earthy and Smoky

Known for being an anti-oxidant, cancer fighting effects, immune-modulating and anti-biologically (anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal). And for hundreds of years, it has also been used in the treatment of insomnia. Terpinolene is found in oregano, marjoram, cumin, lilac, some citrus and rind and conifers.


Bark and Woody

Another anti-fungal terpene! Also a great natural sleep aid. Medicinal use for insomnia and skin lesions.

Why would I want to be sleepy?

There are so many reasons why users reach for our Sleep products over competitors. Care and consistency are important and we bring them both to the table. Users report that our Sleep line is one of the best and most relaxing out there. Other sleep aids, like pills can leave you feeling dependent and may contain addictive ingredients like caffeine. Our products are filled with natural ingredients that won’t have you worrying about the side effects. So if you have a brain that just won’t quit, next time you’re at a dispensary ask about Green Treets Sleep products.