Marijuana and intimacy are gifts from nature and we enjoy them because biology and evolution has equipped us to do so. Just as our bodies contain a pleasure system which rewards us for sex, our brains contain neuron cellular circuitry which can only be activated by substances with T.H.C. molecular structure.

This makes cannabis a unique constellation of feelings and there are only 2 sources for the substances which activate T.H.C. very owns receptors. Our brain is the first source that generates a neurochemical very similar to T.H.C. called anandamide (translated the word means bliss) The only other source for this bliss-producing substance is the cannabis plant. Being stoned or sexually aroused, both produce similar physiological responses, such as increased heart rate, changes in blood flow and respiration, relaxation and in general an altered state of mind and consciousness.

For many people, part of the appeal of marijuana is its rumored aphrodisiac-like qualities. THC can elevate mood and arousal, as well as stimulate sexual activity. While this may be the case for many cannabis users, not all people who use this drug have such reaction. Even though this substance can enhance mood and reduce inhibitions, much in the way that alcohol does, it may also have some undesired effects on a person’s libido. While some users feel that it greatly increases their sexual desire, others experience the opposite effect. Many have
reported having a substantially decreased sexual drive when “stoned” or “high.” Further, it can be difficult to arouse people under the influence. Many marijuana users find that they fall somewhere in between these two extremes; that is, they are sometimes more aroused and other times less aroused.

Different studies suggest cannabis has some properties that could enhance the quality of intimacy. Accordingly, marijuana appears to provide the following benefits:

  • Inhibits anxiety: reduces the fear of failure and the tension some people feel before sexual intercourse.
  • Relaxes the body and mind: reduces the feeling of stress making for an experience that flows effortlessly.
  • Heightens the senses: hypersensitivity can lead to increased physical pleasure.
  • Increases libido: cannabis can help to fight lack of arousal.
  • Strengthens or forges emotional bonds between the people involved.
  • Users focus more on the technical aspects to satisfy their sexual partner.

The use of marijuana should be discussed openly and honestly between partners. Communication is essential for the health of every relationship. If one is concerned that their partner is
experiencing negative effects from marijuana, it is best that they communicate their concerns in a considerate manner. Each partner should come to a common understanding about the
role that marijuana plays in their relationship and how it affects each partner in the relationship.